What is Hydroforming?

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What is Hydroforming?

Sheet hydroforming is a cost efficient way of shaping metals such as aluminium, steel, Titanium, Inconel etc. into structurally solid and strong light weighted structures. Hydroforming is commonly used within the automotive and aerospace industry where complex shapes are required in large varieties, but in small quantities of each.

The Quintus hydroform process, also named Flexform™, operate with only one rigid shape defining tool half, the other being a flexible rubber diaphragm, supported by high pressure hydraulic oil.

Double production capacities

The key to high quality low volume production is all about using the right technology to streamline the manufacturing process, eliminate manual labor and to minimize tool costs.

When comparing with very labor consuming technologies, such as drop hammer forming and low pressure rubber pad pressing, typical for the aerospace industry, then the Flexform technology has proven a capacity to double production capacities and at the same time reduce the need for manual labor by up to 80%. When comparing with two-piece hydraulic forming dies, typical outside the aerospace industry, then the Flexform technology typically reduce tool costs by 50 to 90%, thanks to usage of only one tool half and thanks to the capability to form also undercuts.

High pressure capacity

The unique Quintus press design allows high pressure forming of part sizes up to nearly two by four meters. The technology behind the extreme high pressure forming is the unique, once patented, Quintus wire wound press frame design which secures unmatched equipment life and reliability. The forming under high pressure provides excellent part surface quality and great forming tolerances. Intricate shapes and undercuts may also be formed with blank thicknesses from thin foil up to some 15mm.

The flexible rubber diaphragm also allows production of several different parts in one and the same forming operation. The Flexform technology is typically used for production of low volume series, but with a high part variety.

With more than 50 years of commercial operation and more than 200 presses installed worldwide, Quintus has the experience and the technology to provide the best possible solution to save production time and cutting costs when forming sheet metal in low volumes.

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