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World leader in high pressure technology.

We are the world leader in high pressure technology and have delivered over 1,800 systems to customers across the globe within industries such as aerospace, automotive, energy, and medical implants.

We provide high pressure products and solutions for:

example of Quintus Flexform hydroforming pressing of parts

Sheet Metal Forming

Many companies, particularly in the aerospace market, use Flexform™ to form the majority of their sheet metal production parts. Fluid cell forming is perfectly suited to the relatively low-volume requirements of commercial, military and business aircraft.

Quintus Technologies uniform rapid quench and cooling

Material Densification

More than 90% of our HIPs installed over the last 40 years are still in operation. Our exclusive Quintus Technologies pre-stressed wire wound vessel and frame concept is the best pressure containment system ever designed.

Quintus offers around the clock service and support

Service & Support

Our commitment is to make sure your equipment is working every day of the year – for many years to come. Every customer faces different challenges and has different expectations of support. That is why Quintus Technologies has developed a range of services to suit your specific needs.

Apr 2019



CastExpo 2019

Saturday, Apr 27 2019 - Tuesday, Apr 30 2019
Atlanta, GA, USA

Visit us at CastExpo 2019 at Booth #1845 where we will showcase how with our High Pressure Heat Treatment process you can stress relieve, eliminate porosity, quench and age in the same cycle. With this possibility you will take control over your costs and quality and reduce your lead times from months and weeks to days or even hours.

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Support around the clock

We are truly commited to give you the best support, therefore we have support in the following areas:
America, Europe, and Asia.

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