Quintus Care

Preventing a problem is always better than fixing one.

The Quintus Care Program

Let Quintus partner with you. The Quintus Care Program, which includes the benefits below, means that Quintus becomes directly involved in making your operations more successful. This allows you to concentrate on your core competencies

Predictable Costs

A defined fee (adjusted yearly according to a price index) helps you manage your maintenance budgets.

More Uptime, Less Downtime

Annual inspections help detect signs of problems before it’s too late, reducing risks of unscheduled stops.

Access to Online Portal

Manage your machine through Quintus Customer Web Portal. Services include: digital operator and service instructions, remote access & support, online training, maintenance schedule, and inventory management (if applicable).

Priority Support

Automatically prioritized for technical support and troubleshooting service. Access to experienced field service by phone and email.

Dedicated Account Manager

A single point of contact to coordinate all site activities, schedule training programs, and be the Voice of the Customer within Quintus.

Process and Product Support

Access to our experts and application centers to help you achieve the desired products with optimized processes.

Annual inspections

Annual inspection and condition check of your equipment ensures safe operation and enable proactivity. Risk mitigation to reduce the risk of costly breakdowns.

Included in the inspection

During the inspection visit, our service engineers perform an extensive set of inspections on your equipment. These include:

  • Safety: Safety aspects, check of limit switches, check for leakage
  • Alignment: Alignment of pressure vessel and frame (where applicable)
  • Verify: Check of pre-stress of the Vessel and frame (where applicable) to verify that the press is safe for further operation
  • Prevent: Preventive management recommendation of replacement parts (list of common parts that break) Check for wear and tear. Follow up that preventive maintenance is performed properly
  • Document: our trained service engineers ensure that all areas of inspection are documented for future use.
  • Recommendations: Feedback regarding replacements, upgrades, advanced service etc: recommendations will be made during a briefing with the customer, as well as in the Inspection Report.
Quintus Care Training


Our portfolio of training programs helps you achieve full control and ensure efficient and smooth production processes. We provide hands-on and classroom-based operator training as well as maintenance training to assure you can quickly start and maintain production. We also provide ongoing service programs and continuous focused training. Keeping your staff up-to-date and well-trained to both operate and maintain your press effectively is one of the best investments you can make.

Maintenance Training

Quintus Technologies provides customized training programs, tailored to meet all your maintenance needs. Regular maintenance training is also an integral part of our long-term service offerings.

Ongoing Service Programs

For each inspection or service we do, a tailored training program is performed.

Operator Training

Quintus provides detailed operator training covering pertinent information to operate the equipment safely and effectively

Consignment Stock for Parts

We manage the inventory, so you don’t have to.

Instead of creating your own inventory for spare and wear parts, Quintus is offering an additional service of consignment stock at your site. No more hassle of inventory planning, ordering and stockkeeping.

Readily Available Parts

No more waiting for parts when you need them.

Reduced Administrative Tasks

No need for request for parts, ask for quotes, create purchase orders, receive goods, and make payment every time you need a part.

Cost Control

Easily manage your maintenance budget with a defined yearly fee (adjusted yearly according to price index).

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Preventing a problem is always better than fixing one.

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