What is high pressure processing?

High Pressure Processing (HPP) – The Natural way to Preserve Foods and Beverages.

Water: Pure and Powerful!

Quintus Technologies uses clean, fresh, cold water to create ultra-high pressures for inactivating foodborne pathogens and extending the refrigerated shelf life of foods and beverages. That is instead of using high temperatures and preservatives, including high levels of sodium containing additives.

This scientifically validated technology termed HPP (also known as high-pressure preservation, processing, pascalization or, cold pasteurization) is a post packaging, post lethality, non-thermal process that delivers food safety benefits and shelf-life extensions, without affecting the flavours, freshness and nutrients of premium foods and beverages.

Thus, HPP contributes to the prevention of foodborne illnesses, minimizing food safety recalls, reducing food waste, and delivering higher nutritious, better tasting, natural foods that we all deserve.

To place this in perspective, consider that, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO), 600 million people fall ill each year from a foodborne illness and, 33% of all food produced for human consumption goes to waste, meaning that 25% of the world’s fresh water supply is used to grow food that never reaches our tables.

The technology of high pressure processing

As a science based technology, HPP is not only fully recognized by global regulatory bodies as an antimicrobial process with superior capabilities for inactivating many food pathogens of concern, but also for slowing down the growth of spoilage bacteria, thereby extending refrigerated shelf life between 2-10 times longer than unprocessed foods.  Both these benefits alone can have a significant impact on the global challenges of food safety and food waste.

Most conventional food processing methods such as heat and/or chemicals have negative effects on health and nutrition. Consumers are demanding high nutritional values in foods, particularly those present in fresh, raw, or minimally processed varieties. HPP does not affect nutritional components in foods largely because it has no effects on covalent bonds so HPP products maintain their vitamins and bioactive compounds.

Manufacturers using HPP eliminate chemical preservatives used to control microbial growth and reduce the frequency of food safety testing, thus satisfying the demand from customers for preservative-free foods, while reducing operational costs, hence delivering higher company values.

HPP has thus become the process of choice among non-thermal food processing technologies. The assurance of inactivating foodborne pathogens, post packaging, provides food and beverage manufacturers the business-critical food safety confidence for protecting their consumers, as well as ensuring that their brands and company reputations remain untarnished.

High pressure processing of foods

HPP works by placing packaged foods and beverages in a wire wound vessel, filling that vessel with pure water, then pressurizing the water and contents using specially designed intensifier pumps to reach as high as 87,000 psi (6,000 bars).

This pressure is distributed omnidirectionally allowing for uniform and instant affect throughout the product, regardless of product size, volume, or packaging material. Thus, a 10-gram package will be subject to the same pressure benefits as a 50-kilogram package – which is unlike thermal treatment or other intervention methods.

Water and foods will compress about 15% of their volume at 87,000 psi. Therefore, containers must be flexible enough to be compressed by at least that amount. All flexible plastic materials that are hermetically sealed are compatible with HPP. However, certain specifications of the materials such as oxygen and moisture barrier properties are critical for shelf-life extension.

HPP is commercially used in wide range of foods and beverages such as ready-to-eat deli meats, fruit and dairy based drinks, baby foods, dairy products, pet food, ready meals, ready-to-cook marinated meats and meals, seafood, and wide variety of plant-based products including guacamole, hummus, salsa, ready-to-eat salads, tofu and plant-based protein meat analogues.

Most food and beverages are applicable for HPP technology. However, certain intrinsic and extrinsic factors are important in determining HPP conditions and satisfying regulatory rules and guidelines.  Our newest Quintus HPP Application Centers are fully equipped to assist companies in the optimization of product formulas for HPP, providing guidance on packaging materials, conducting pathogen validation and shelf-life studies, and assisting in HACCP development and regulatory compliance.

Increase profitability with HPP

HPP is revolutionizing the way foods and beverages are preserved, allowing manufacturers and marketers to create innovative products that customers desire, such as preservative free, with all the natural nutrients present.  HPP also minimizes the use of energy and chemicals, which is positive from a sustainability perspective.

  • Premium products with a fresh taste – better mouthfeel for certain products.
  • Greater options for clean label products – the need for chemical preservatives is eliminated.
  • Higher nutritional value – bioactive components and covalent bonds are not affected.
  • Prolongs refrigerated shelf life 2 to 10 times longer – increased market reach.
  • Greater flexibility in production planning, raw material procurement and logistics.
  • Opportunities for new products – unique behaviour of hydrocolloid materials.
  • Reduced frequency of food safety testing – post packaging, post lethality process.
  • Fully compliant with global food safety regulations.

The Quintus Difference: Experience, Reliability, Efficiency, Benefits

With near three quarters of a century’s experience in developing high-pressure equipment, our HPP systems are built to last for maximum operational reliability and efficiency. In fact, many Quintus systems installed decades ago are still operational today. Every details of our pressure solutions are robustly designed so that they can be relied upon year after year.

Supported by our best in class after- market technical, as well as comprehensive food science application support, Quintus Technologies is globally recognized as a trustworthy and innovative long term technology partner who provides its’ Customers the highest return on their investment (ROI).

Having supplied high-pressure systems to a wide range of demanding industries Quintus knows how to design, manufacture, and support reliable HPP systems with high durability and performance, as well as lower maintenance requirements.

The unique mechanical and digital solutions used in our HPP systems, in combination with our service offers, ensures maximum uptime and productivity while minimizing total cost of ownership.

Our equipment is designed for quick and easy maintenance, includes all integrated pumping system, frequency-controlled motor drives, and, with our new Smart Press functionality features, and AI-algorithm based Condition Monitoring system, it provides real time monitoring of system performance to optimize service intervals, review parts inventory and avoid overservicing.

  • Modular design for capacity expansion – a fast solution to meet companies’ growing business
  • Unique wire wound designs – a lower installed weight which reduces installation costs
  • Frequency controlled motor drives – lower energy consumption
  • Condition Monitoring system – predict and plan for maintenance of vital components
  • Smart Press functionality – improved diagnostics for operators to execute fast corrective actions
  • Quick and easy maintenance services with short standstills
  • 24/7 support from our service technicians, on site within 24 hours
  • Easy hassle-free access to spare parts


Quintus Technologies offers different financing solutions making it easier to invest in an HPP system.

  • Leasing Arrangements
  • Buybacks of Used Systems
  • Capacity Upgrade Solutions

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