What is Sheet Metal Forming?

Sheet metal forming is a process where pieces of sheet metal are modified to its geometry rather than removing any materials. The applied process generates a force that stresses the material to deform. This in turn gives the possibility to bend och stretch the sheet to a variety of complex shapes.

Flexform Sheet Metal Forming

Flexform, also called fluid cell forming, is a low-cost sheet metal forming process designed for both prototyping and lower volume parts production.

A widely trusted technology

Quintus Technologies has designed, built and installed more than 150 Flexform fluid cell presses for major manufacturers worldwide, including Airbus, Ford, Boeing, Daimler-Benz, Bombardier, BMW, Embraer, and Volvo, along with a growing number of component suppliers to the aerospace and automotive industries.

Speed, versatility and inexpensive

Flexform is a versatile solution for the manufacturing of highly defined prototype components, particularly for industries where speed and lower costs are crucial in reducing time-to-market and staying globally competitive. The inexpensive prototype tool can also be used for parts production in low quantities for niche markets.

Watch video: The Flexform Principle

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