Ready Meals

With high pressure processing you can offer customers ready-to-eat (RTE) meals of higher quality and serve a growing market for customer demanding preservative-free products. HPP processing offers the possibility to create better tasting RTE meals with a fresh taste and high nutritional value, without having to compromise food safety and shelf life.

Raw materials used in preparing Ready Meals can have a high load of spoilage microorganisms, as well as foodborne pathogens. In the final packaged state, HPP will inactivate these pathogens and significantly reduce the levels of spoilage microflora.

Time compressed consumers, nursing homes, food commissaries and even restaurants are using RTE meals. HPP provides the needed refrigerated shelf-life so that products do not have to be frozen for distribution – ensuring better quality attributes.

HPP pre-cooked meals that only need reheating to serve is very cost effective, provides the shelf-life, food safety and better nutrition that are in high demand.


  • Convenience, health, nutrition, texture – home-made fresh taste, enhanced digestion
  • Extends refrigerated shelf life – eases market expansion, reduces returns, improves production
  • Treatment in the final package – eliminates risk of upstream contamination
  • Ensures food safety – meets the food safety requirements of regulatory authorities
  • Easier and faster to develop new products

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