HPP systems that meet company needs

Quintus Technologies pioneers the latest innovation evolutionary in HPP systems. The QIF series offers companies the ability to enter HPP production with the appropriate capacity to meet their immediate needs, and the flexibility to easily and to quickly expand capacities as their business grows.

HPP technology

High Pressure Processing (HPP) science technology is helping the food industry address global sustainability challenges such as food waste, product recalls and related foodborne illnesses. The HPP non-thermal method is recognized for inactivating foodborne pathogens and extending refrigerated shelf life without impact to to taste or nutrition, which can be the case for other kinds of food processing methods. The newest generation HPP system meets the productivity needs of medium to large food and beverage processors.

Designed for streamlined installation and robust operation, the system reduces the risk of unplanned stops and provides great packaging  flexibility.

HPP is recognized globally as a premium, non thermal minimal-processing technique that enables the production of safer, preservative-free refrigerated foods and beverages with superior nutritional benefits and taste.

Features and benefits

  • Scalable design ideal for medium to large scale productions
  • Compact footprint
  • Quintus’ Wire Wound design – lowest installation costs, robust
  • Fewer moving parts and components
  • Simplified Maintenance Access
  • Conditioning Monitoring System

QIF 150L High Pressure Processing System

QIF 150L is ideal for entry level, scalable to mid-size productions.

The HPP press from Quintus Technologies utilizes the advantages of frequency-controlled motor drives to minimize idle energy consumption as well as heat generation. This energy conservation strategy is also adopted when it comes to the external cooler. It is controlled from the press to avoid excess operation.

QIF 400L High Pressure Processing System

QIF 400L meet the productivity needs of medium to large food and beverage processors.

Scalable from 4000 lbs. to 7000 lbs. (1800 kg to 3200 kg) per hour, the modular QIF 400L is the largest available in the industry. Its compact footprint of 700 sq. ft. (70 m2 ) is designed for streamlined installation and robust operation, to reduce the risk of unplanned stops.

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