High Pressure Processing (HPP) Application Centers

Despite thousands of commercial HPP products currently available around the globe, one source of continued frustration to more food companies is the time involved in the realization of new HPP product market rollouts. Quintus Technologies HPP Application Centers’ main objective is to reduce these delays by putting internal and external HPP expertise to work.

The Centers menu of services spans the entire HPP development process, from optimized product formulations and packaging to in-house pathogen studies and assistance with HACCP implementation and regulatory compliance. In both scope and pace, evaluation and support offerings are geared to accelerate the speed at which processors bring new HPP products to market.

Application Centers services are available to any food or beverage company wanting to advance the commercial growth of HPP foods.

Accelerating New Product Launches

HPP facilitates the development of unique foods without sacrificing product taste, nutrition and refrigerated shelf life while avoiding food safety risks. That meets the increasing customer demand for healthier, preservative free and safer food.

To ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, Quintus provides in-house, validation challenge and shelf life studies to save time and ensure business opportunities are capitalized in an efficient manner.

Working directly with the Quintus Application experts and HPP Food Scientists minimizes the need for third parties while providing better control of timeline for market launches.

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