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Application Centers – An Essential Part of our Business Model

The Quintus application centre has developed into a major source of value for our customers. Here, materials and HIP recipes can be tested together with our experts to drive productivity up and costs down. Testing of new materials or adjustment of parameters can be done in our small scale unit, avoiding the need to take valuable capacity in larger production equipment. Quintus Technologies now has two customer application centres, one in Västerås, Sweden and one in Columbus Ohio, USA.
Application Centers – An Essential Part of our Business Model

Our Global Business Development for Advanced Material Densification (AMD) manager, James Shipley sees the center as an essential part of our business model:

“Our customers come to us with increasingly complex questions, often tied to ever increasing industry demands and development of new process solutions. This is clearly apparent in the area of additive manufacturing, where there is still much to learn about the effects of different powders, printing methods, printing parameters and post processing routines on the properties of the final component. The ability to remove pores, improve fatigue life and adjust material properties through variations of temperature, pressure and cooling rate, has led to an increased need to learn more. Testing of different materials is increasing and similar trends can be seen for medical implants and ceramic materials. Pressure and cooling rate are especially in focus.”

The World is Changing Rapidly

Close cooperation with customers, universities and institutions is increasing. Leading to cutting edge developments for future mass production routes based on new production techniques and parameters. Quicker time to market for new solutions is the resultant effect. Customers who are in the process of purchasing equipment also have the opportunity to learn about the HIP process and how to drive their own development by utilizing the Quintus Application Centers to develop their production process prior to start-up.

The Quintus Application Center, operated by our experts enable R&D work, optimization of HIP processes and development of new ways of working. This inevitably leads to improved product quality and subsequent cost reductions through improved yield. Improving efficiency, such as doing more operations in the HIP is one key reason why customers sign up for the Quintus Care Program. Participating in the program gives them access to the Quintus Application Center assistance as part of the package.


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