NNS Technologies for the offshore industry

Oil and gas production entails the use of materials in very harsh and demanding environments.

There are several technologies employed to produce near net shape equipment components using Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) to ensure material properties, all of which can help reduce environmental impact and contribute to safe operations.

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HIP solves energy challenges

  • Reduced material consumption – HIP enables the production of near net
    shape components leads to lighter and economically viable equipment
  • Improved reliability in service – HIP ensures consistency in material performance,
    reducing risks in production
  • Shortened delivery times – HIP is a key component in the supply chain for
    short lead time items to maintain productivity

High Pressure technology for High Pressure wells

Designing equipment for demanding environments in the offshore sector requires certainty that the materials being used meet the most exacting standards.

  • Defects that can lead to failure in offshore environments are closed during the HIP process
  • Near net shape power technology has been tried and tests for many years. Isotropic properties are ensured
  • Abrasives in production fluids can be handled effectively using strategically place wear resistant materials using diffusion bonding

Webinar on Near Net Shape Technologies - 19th May

Take the opportunity to sign up for one of the two webinar sessions we are running on the Near Net Shape Technologies for the offshore industry, using HIP