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We have established 2 separate support lines, one in US and one in EU. Both can be used, depending on the time.

We support customer in priority order. Our Quintus care full customers are priority, secondly our Quintus care base customers and after that the broader market. Each Quintus care customer has a Key Account Manager to feed the dialog through Quintus services to you as customers.

Do you want to know more about Quintus care?

All our SLA’s contains 3 corner stones

  • Mutual wish to cooperate i.e. 6 months termination for convenience if any party is not satisfied
  • Strong incentives for both parties to improve uptime and utilization of the equipment
  • Optimized split of scope to keep the life cycle costs to a minimum

This your choice. Some customers believes that they have a stronger negotiation position if they finalize SLA discussion prior to investment. Some appreciate to get guaranteed uptime also during the warranty period. Others wants to avoid establishing a spare stock and avoid to expend internal organization by signing a SLA early. The warranty in general covers issues during warranty. Preventative maintenance is still needed to start directly and go on also during the warranty period.

Over the years we have developed our service level agreements; Quintus care in two main offers.

The base offer gives you support priority, remote tech support, application support (some countries this cannot be offered to), annual f2f trainings and annual maintenance, safety and reliability inspection.

Quintus care full additionally to the base also includes all spare parts for preventative maintenance, as well as covering spare parts if something unexpected happens (with some exceptions).

Being proactive about maintenance with a Quintus care contract keeps your costs planned and secures the best possible uptime for your system.

Studies shows that maintenance cost for a normal machine within the Industrial sector is around 6-7%/year of the investment and our full fledge Quintus Care is normally well below that. The full fledge SLA allows you to control all the cost for the material. Whereas the base agreement leaves the material portion open for sourcing to Quintus on need basis, or towards other suppliers.

We are stocking some parts which, by experience, is used frequently. However, since we are providing customized capital equipment it is not feasible to stock all parts. Also, some parts are becoming obsolete and therefore takes extra time to find a replacement part. Being proactive in planning with parts to preventative maintenance, the lead time is in general less of an issue.

Our equipment is reliable. We are the global leader, have 60 years’ experience and our customers in general have very low cost for operating our presses. However, every machine will fail and no one can say which part and when it will fail. Because if so it would be in the maintenance manual. The applied strategy for uptime is:

  • Service the machine preventatively according to best practice time/cycle-based schedule
  • Prepare for the unforeseen failure, with Quintus Technical Support service included in Quintus Care, so that it does not cause major disruptions in the production.

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