Hot Isostatic Presses

Quintus Hot Isostatic Press Example

1,035 to 3,100 bar (15,000 to 45,000 psi)

Temperatures up to 2,200°C, (4,000°F),

100% of maximum theoretical density

HIP Features


Every QUINTUS® HIP features a vessel and yoke frame that are fully pre-stressed and wire-wound with high tensile cold-rolled spring steel ribbon. The pre-stressing causes the pressure vessel wall to remain in residual compression, even at maximum operating pressure, eliminating tensile loads and preventing crack propagation and brittle failure.

It is widely acknowledged to be the safest, most reliable and durable pressure containment system ever designed. The vessel meets “leak-rather-than-burst” criteria as defined in the ASME code, and typically has a calculated fatigue life of more than 20,000 cycles. Because the load-absorbing wire ribbons in the QUINTUS® design have a tensile strength twice that of a forging, the system is lightweight and compact, with a savings in weight up to 50% compared to non wire-wound forged vessels.

Quintus HIP wire wound technology


Quintus Technologies’ URC® and URQ® quench furnaces can provide decreased cycle time, higher productivity, and even combined HIP and heat treating. They can easily cool the full workload in a medium-sized HIP from 1,260 to 300°C in less than 30 minutes.

In an equivalent HIP system, natural cooling can take from 8 to 12 hours, well over half the typical cycle duration. Our URC design cools all areas of the workload uniformly, minimizing thermal distortion and non-uniform grain growth.

Learn more about our unique cooling technologies that make our HIPs the ultimate heat treatment machines.

Modularized solutions

A Quintus Modularized solution is space-saving and cost effective on a complete plant investment level. Building and civil work are simplified with the Modularized solution that facilitates all sub-systems into a complete cost effective production entity.

Turn key deliveries

Quintus Technologies has installed a  large number of Hot Isostatic Presses world-wide. Our project management method is well proven, giving the customer a single point of contact until the equipment is ready for operation take over and the start of production.

Small HIP Systems

Laboratory HIP systems

These compact Small HIP systems are designed for HIP research and feasibility studies. The pressure vessel, frame, and all other subsystems are housed in a single, space-saving cabinet. Work zone diameters range from 82 to 186 mm, with heights from 160 to 500 mm.

Small production HIP systems

Our Small HIP systems are smaller versions of our production presses. The pressure vessel, frame and all other subsystems are mounted on a space-saving skid with standard vessel diameters of 228 to 375 mm and heights of 700 to 1200 mm. These presses are economically suited for production of smaller parts from the MIM, AM and investment casting industry. The systems are highly productive and can run up to 6 cycles a day depending on the application.

Watch video: QIH32 Hot Isostatic Press

Quintus Compact Hot Isostatic Presses

Read about Quintus Compact HIP Systems. High performance and easy to use – ideal for the additive manufacturing industry.

Medium HIP Systems

Quintus Medium sized HIP systems have standard vessel diameters ranging from 450mm to 1050mm and heights of 1100 to 2600 mm. These presses are full production systems which are suited for all markets from AM and MIM to full scale tolling business.

Watch video: QIH213 Hot Isostatic Press

Large HIP Systems

High volume production systems

Quintus Technologies offers large-capacity HIP presses that dramatically reduce per-unit processing costs, and is leading the development of “Mega-HIPs” for even greater cost efficiency. The world’s largest press has a hot zone diameter of more than 2 m (79”), and our new “Tera-HIPs” have vessel diameters up to 3 m (118”).

These giant capacities allow densification of ever-larger products and batches, cutting costs and helping customers to grow their competitive advantage.

Watch video: QIH286 Hot Isostatic Press

Watch video: TeraPi Hot Isostatic Press

Quintus Modular Hot Isostatic Presses

Read about Quintus Modular HIP Systems. High performance and easy to use – pre-fabricated and fully tested modules, thus keeping civil work and building preparation to a minimum.

Do you want to know more?

HIP Supporting the Casting Industry

Learn how HIP is used to eliminate pores and remove casting defects, i.e. oxides and carbides, to dramatically increase the material properties.

HIP supporting Additive Manufacturing

Learn how components from 3D-printing, regardless of method (EBM, SLM, etc.), benefits greatly from HIPing.

Example of Quintus heat treatment

The Ultimate Heat Treatment Solution

Learn how Quintus URC and URQ furnaces can provide decreased cycle time, higher productivity, and even combined HIP and heat treating.

sample MIM part made in Quintus HIP

HIP Supporting the MIM Industry

Learn how the components after sintering for metal injection moulding benefit from HIPing, regardless of de-binding method.

The only choice was to ask Quintus Technologies for something that had never been built.
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