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Service & Support

We are committed to give you the best Service & Support

Our market is truly global. Thousands of systems delivered over the past five decades are still in operation in Asia, Africa, North and South America, and Europe.

Our committment is to make sure your equiment is working every day of the year – for many years to come. Every customer faces different challenges and has different expectations of support.

That is why Quintus Technologies has developed a range of services to suit your specific needs.

Global Service & Support presence

Our systems are critical in production lines all over the world. In order to ensure uptime and utilization, we have a global service and support organization – covering all aspects from the rapid and efficient supply of spare and wear parts to training, inspections, overhaul, help desk functions, remote diagnostics, and trained field engineers ready to support you.

Ensure your uptime

Guaranteed uptime, proper and planned maintenance, continuous improvements and root cause analysis, access to spare and wear parts, rapid response timed and well trained staff, are keys for success. We have unmatched experience and competence and we are glad to help you in all these areas, from the supply of spares to staff training.

Predict your operational costs

Our Service Level Agreements will help you to take control over your operational costs. Together, we analyze your needs and make sure that you get all that you need, from spare parts to training, overhauls and inspections. All at a fixed cost, over 5-10 years.

Improve functionality

We are continuously developing new functions that enhance the functionality of our installed equipment, increase productivity, and improve the quality of end products. Many of these new functions can be implemented for your equipment.

Extended lifetime

We provide the right retrofits, upgrades, and rebuilds to keep your press running for millions of cycles. After all we developed, built and installed it. And since many of our presses are still around some 50 years later, we are confident about our track record.

Spares and service when needed

How do you want to handle spares and service? Some of our customers do it on an ad hoc basis, asking for spare parts or by contacting a field service engineer when the need arises.

In those cases, if spare parts have to be manufactured or tailor-made before being shipped to you, or the field service engineer is occupied elsewhere you may experience a delay in uptime.

Rapid support

We are always ready to provide rapid support whenever, and wherever, you need it.The best way to ensure this support is to enter into a Service Level Agreement.

Our help desk will then help you with trouble-shooting, you will have access to remote diagnostics, and our field service experts will give you undivided attention based on your specific needs.

World-wide dispatch time guarantee: 24-48 hours

In the SLA-levels Life Cycle and Productivity we have a guaranteed dispatch time of 24 hours, world wide. For the SLA-level Support, the guaranteed dispatch time is 48 hours.

Competence development of your staff

Our training programs are designed to meet your specific operational efficiency needs. These training programs are intended for operators, maintenance staff, engineers, and supervisors.

For basic operator and maintenance training we offer training modules. If you have a Service Level Agreement, we design specific programs based on both your operational needs and our experience of best practices.

Our commitment to Service & Support

Your success is the most important driving factor for us.

We aim to support you in any way we can – from systems to spare parts, overhaul and training.

With the knowledge and expertise from over 50 years of innovation, we are a committed partner to you and your operations.

Our commitment to your service and support follows these firm principles:
  1. We are here to complement your efforts. That means that you and your team determines the scope of support, and that we back you up.
  2. If we both focus on core business in a close partnership, we ensure the best use of resources and safeguard low operational costs.
  3. We want to create strong and mutual financial incentives for both of us to improve your availability and performance through the whole life cycle.
  4. The validation of our cooperation is based on mutual success.

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