Quintus PURUS®, a novel toolbox for avoiding oxidation and discoloration in HIPing

Answering the call from industry, Quintus has continued the development of HPHT (High-Pressure Heat Treatment) to now also including functionality for clean HIP processing, a solution known as Quintus Purus®.

Quintus Purus® offers an automated solution to achieve a level of moisture that is needed for a specific HIP cycle, which can be set by the customer to guarantee repeatability of oxide free processing.


Utilising industry best practices for heat treatments of oxygen sensitive alloys to make sure the basics is in place for minimizing oxidation.

Software and hardware upgrade

Full automized system bakeout routine, utilizing an in-situ HIP vessel gas sampling feedback loop, optimized for minimum process time and gas consumption.

Oxygen getter cassettes

HIP system specific getter cassettes, to use for components made from high oxygen affinity materials such as titanium and aluminium containing alloys.

Reducing oxidation for chromia formers and alpha-case thickness for titanium alloys

Quintus Purus®. Enabling clean processing during Hot Isostatic Pressing

Read up on the basics for using Quintus Purus® toolbox. Get the short version of the concept and what can be in it for you.


HPHT (High-Pressure Heat Treatment): Launching Hot Isostatic Pressing to the next level

The ability to control and steer pressure, heating and cooling rates individually and for any batch payload, is what makes Quintus HPHT™ equipment State-of-the-Art in HIPing, setting the industry standard for today and years to come.