Shaping general low-volume manufacturing with Flexform™

The Flexform technology provides solutions for appliance and white goods manufacturers, and
for a wide variety of low-volume custom parts fabricators.

Flexform is a modern sheet metal forming method for cost effective low-volume production. Quintus Technologies has supplied high-pressure rubber diaphragm presses to the world’s major manufacturers
for decades. Flexform is used by manufacturing companies for general low-volume sheet metal forming to achieve low-cost, high quality parts with short lead times.

Flexform is ideal for:

  • Prototype and development components, from small shallow parts to large deep parts, in all alloys.
  • Low-volume production items, from small shallow parts to large deep parts, including trimming,
    in all alloys.
Example of Quintus Flexform hydroforming pressing of parts

White Paper - Cut Cost and Lead Time in Jet Engine Production With Flexform Technology

High pressure Flexform technology from Quintus Technologies is the perfect choice for production of complex, high mix, low volume parts in nearly any metal alloys and thicknesses. The use of Flexform is increasing in the jet engine industry, offering possibilities to secure quality and repeatability, and at the same time save both time and costs in the production process.

Reference Case - Daher

Daher-Socata is a manufacturer of aircraft and Tier 1 equipment and components serving commercial and military aviation customers around the world. Its sheet metal parts unit in Tarbes, France, produces 1.2 million parts annually, 98 percent of which are aluminum alloys. Several processes are employed, including forming by a rubber pad press that has been in service since 1965.

Reference Case - Ford Motor Company

The Ford New Model Programs Development Center in Dearborn have successfully operated a 93,000 ton Quintus Flexform press for more than two decades. The Flexform process is used for low volume sheet metal fabrication and for prototype development, where complex shapes and high part quality is required.

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