Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) Supporting the Casting Industry

A Proven Process for the Casting Industry

For decades, Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) has been used successfully by manufacturers around the world to increase productivity. HIP is used to eliminate pores and remove casting defects, i.e. oxides and carbides, to dramatically increase the material properties.

Common applications for Hot Isostatic Pressing in the casting industry include material porosity removal, consolidation of Titanium powder and diffusion bonding of dissimilar metals or alloys. The technology is expanding into new castings applications such as very large castings as well as heat treatment of Aluminum components by T6 or hardening of iorn-based materials by modifying the HIP gas mixtures. By applying the right conditions in the HIP, casting post processing steps like ageing, can shorten the life cycle by up to 50%.

Casting Post Processing for the Aerospace Industry

More than 50% of Hot Isostatic Presses in the world are used utilized to consolidate and improve the material properties of Titanium and Super-Alloys for the aerospace industry. Today, Hot isostatic pressing is the standard procedure to give longer and predictive life time of the compressor/turbine blades in an aircraft engine. Regardless of alloy system, hot isostatic pressing is the way forward for optimized material properties and save cost for a safe and efficient production with high quality.

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