Webinar - Formability of titanium Ti6AI-4V at moderate temperature combined with high pressure

Tuesday, Dec 6 2022 - Tuesday, Dec 6 2022
Quintusvägen 2, Västerås, Sweden

We are pleased welcoming you to the Quintus Technologies webinar “Formability of titanium Ti6AI-4V at moderate temperature combined with high pressure”.

In this webinar we will be presenting how the unique new forming technology, the High Pressure Warm Forming process, HPWF, combines high pressure with a moderately elevated temperature providing a more rapid and cost-effective fabrication solution for aerospace-grade titanium parts.
The HPWF process may be an ideal solution for applications where less than some 1000 parts per year is required, and in vide varieties, where current hot forming methods have limited the use of for example Ti6Al4V, due to the costly and time-consuming process.

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Webinar speaker:

Sture Olsson is the Business Development Manager for Sheet Metal Forming within Quintus Technologies. He has devoted nearly 40 years to high pressure processing, with focus at a wide variety of applications, such as the fabrication of synthetic diamonds, densification of castings, HIP’ing of metal powder and pressure pasteurization of food. The majority of the time has however been spent in sheet metal forming applications, ranging from consumer goods, to automotive and to aerospace related applications.

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