Flexform 高压温热成型工艺是一项新技术,可替代或补充现有的钛成型方法,例如热成型、热冲压、超塑性成型 (SPF) 和热气成型。

50% reduction in production costs

Protection gas may be eliminated, due to the relatively low temperature process. Time for part cleaning after processing is reduced to a minimum, and the need for forming tool maintenance is also greatly reduced due to galling from the titanium blanks. Finally,  the energy consumption is also greatly reduced, compared to traditional hot forming methods.

Five times increased throughput

The HPWF process, with less than 5 minutes cycle time, including heating, loading, forming and unloading, can handle multiple tools in one and the same forming cycle, while allowing for very rapid tool changes. Forming at relatively low temperatures enables quick cooling. The new Flexform™ HPWF process has a production capacity of some five times traditional hot-forming processes.

Forming repeatability

The flexibility of the process allows for springback compensation in the die design, hence compensation for material spring back can be implemented into the process, allowing final shape parts to come directly from the process.

适中温度与高压组合下 Ti6AI-4V 钛合金的可成型性

Formability of titanium Ti6AI-4V at moderate temperature combined with high-pressure webinar
Shaping the Aerospace Titanium industry with Flexform presses

宣传册 - 航空航天钛工业因 Flexform(柔性成型)压机而重塑

Flexform 高压温热成型工艺是一项新技术,可替代或补充现有的钛成型方法,例如热成型、热冲压、超塑性成型 (SPF) 和热气成型。

白皮书 - 高压温热成型重塑 Ti-6Al-4V 零件的经济性

高压温热成型 (HPWF) 是 Quintus Technologies 开发的一种创新工艺,打破了一直以来的成本壁垒,正是成本原因长期阻碍着这种优越材料的进一步广泛应用。

Formability of Titanium Ti-6Al-4V sheets at moderate temperature combined with high-pressure

白皮书 - 适中温度与高压组合下 Ti6AI-4V 钛合金板材的可成型性

一项新成型技术,高压温热成型工艺 (HPWF) 将高压与适度升高的温度相结合,为航空航天级钛零件提供更快速、成本效益更高的制造解决方案。



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