Quintus Technologies Cold Isostatic Press

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Cold Isostatic Presses

Quintus Technologies® has experience from large number of Cold Isostatic Presses installation, word-wide. Our project management method in place is well proven giving the customer a single point of contact until the equipment is ready for take over and production start.

CIP Products

Lab and Pilot Scale CIPs

Monoblock vessels have been in existence since the late 1940’s and proven to be a reliable tool for the powder metals and ceramics industries. Quintus Technologies® (formerly ABB) formed a joint venture with Autoclave Engineers in 1986 and subsequently purchased the isostatic pressing components from them in 2006.

Quintus Technologies Isostatic Laminator

CIP Products

Isostatic Laminating Presses

Quintus® has developed a series of high pressure Isostatic Laminating Presses (ILP) for the cost-effective lamination of a variety of electronic components including MLCC’s, LTCC’s, hybrid chips, ferrites, Base Metal Element packages, multi-layer PZTs, medical electronics and implant devices, electronic filters, Varistors, Bluetooth components, fuel cells, and other multi-layer modules..

Quintus Technologies Application Support HIP and CIP technology

CIP Products

Application Support

Quintus Technologies® has developed, designed and produced isostatic presses for over 60 years which has given us a deep and broad knowledge in isostatic pressing and its applications. With this background we can offer testing and application support within cold isostatic pressing to demonstrate capabilities, feasibility and results of this process. Included in this scope are: