7 January, 2023

Master Thesis

Simulation and model optimization of hydraulic intensifier


The Hot Isostatic Press series of Quintus can deliver pressures up to 2000 Bars and temperatures in the excess of 1400°C. In order to reach these pressures Quintus uses a two-stage hydraulic powered gas compressor that both builds up and maintains the desired pressure.


The compressor uses inductive sensors to monitor the hydraulic rod’s position in the compressor to avoid colliding with the walls. The ambition is to use as much of the stroke as possible, partly through optimization of the switching of the compressor and partly by optimizing the stroke length thereby increasing the effectiveness of the compressor.

Task description

  1. Build a simulation model of the different systems and their dependencies (hydraulic, gas and cooling) in AMESIM and align with real world measurements.
  2. Optimize current control scheme of compressor and/or suggest improvements with the simulation model as a foundation. Design and implement modes for better control of the different phases of the compressor’s strokes.

Suitable background (Education)

  • Mechanical Engineer in fluid power (Hydraulics), control theory or mechanics.
  •  A basic understanding of hydraulic principles, common components, and terminology.
  • Control theory knowledges and applications, model building and implementations.
  • Experience with simulation software, such as Hopsan, AMESIM, Matlab/Simulink.

Application Information

The thesis will take place at Quintus’s office in Västerås and is aimed for one person. The selection will be ongoing so therefore apply as soon as possible. Send your CV together with academic transcripts to contact below. 

Contact person Quintus Technologies

Stina Sjögren, HR Business Partner, stina.sjogren@quintusteam.com