Upgrades and Retrofits

Through our upgrade programs, retrofits and rebuilding activities, we can help you bring your old press back to the peak performance levels it once reached. We can also add new functionality, and suggest the right improvements, modifications, and upgrades to improve your processes and productivity

Reduce Risks to Operation

Whether it’s replacing obsolescent components or systems, adding levels of redundancy, or incorporating later design improvements into existing equipment, Quintus has solutions to reduce the risk of potential production stops.

Increase Functionality

Quintus has made many advancements in areas such as rapid cooling and quenching, temperature uniformity, warm forming titanium and other difficult to form metals, and advanced system controls. With Quintus’ know-how, many older systems could be improved to increased functionality beyond their original design.

Extended life time

Quintus wire wound pressure vessels are designed to maximize their serviceable lifespans, with some units in continuous use for over 40 years. By upgrading the surrounding systems: hydraulics, controls, and/or pressure media, our customers can effectively extend the life of their equipment for years at a fraction of the cost of the initial investment. Our single forging pressure vessels are designed with a high margin of safety as well. Customers who properly care for their vessels can also upgrade the surrounding systems just like our wire wound systems in order to extend equipment lifetimes. Those who run into issues with pitting, corrosion, or other damage may still be in luck; Quintus offers a wide variety of machining options to remove the damaged material and get the pressure vessel operating safely again.

Safety Upgrades

What was state of the art yesterday may no longer be today, and Quintus continues to make design improvements that go further to protect your personnel and your equipment. Upgrading to newer, more robust designs may reduce the frequency of service intervals (and therefore downtime), add more sensors to prevent minor failures from becoming serious ones, or provide physical or electronic protections to keep your personnel out of harm’s way.

Support around the clock

We are truly commited to give you the best support, therefore we have support in the following areas: America, Europe, and Asia.

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