Upgrades and Retrofits

Through our upgrade programs, retrofits and rebuilding activities, we can help you bring your old press back to the peak performance levels it once reached. We can also add new functionality, and suggest the right improvements, modifications, and upgrades to improve your processes and productivity.


If you want to improve the performance of your press we have a number of different upgrade programs. A space-saving and performance-enhancing hydraulic system or a precision rapid cooling system may be the right solution for you.


If you are looking for increased functionality there are several possibilities such as furnace upgrades, product handling systems, and automatic tray pad handling system.

Extended life time

We can extend the lifetime of your equipment with the right retrofit and upgrade solutions.  Examples include new modern control systems and pressure vessel review and replacements.

Support around the clock

We are truly commited to give you the best support, therefore we have support in the following areas:
America, Europe, and Asia.

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