Spare & Wear Parts

While Quintus is an optimal spare parts supplier, the Quintus Care program removes the need for individual parts sales transactions. Never again postpone a service due to that one missing part that was needed. With one low fixed rate, customers have the benefit of having Quintus owned inventory on hand and on site. Quintus holds the inventory on our books, so you don't have to. We ensure the right parts are in place, and refilled according to usage and operational forecasting.

Fast delivery of spare parts is critical to reduce risk and increase uptime. Here are 3 reasons to choose Quintus Care – with original spare parts and accessories:


Our parts ensure the highest reliability and lowest total production cost for your Quintus
system. Each component is engineered and sourced to seamlessly integrate with each other,
helping you to maximize uptime and keep your press operating at original performance


To support your demand for critical maintenance and replacement parts, we maintain several
large inventories of original equipment spares and accessories with stocking locations in
North America, Europe, and Asia.


We can source and deliver substitute components regardless of the age of your equipment.
Because all of our spare parts are verified, you can be assured that they meet all safety and
reliability standards and warranties.

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Material supply

We provide you with all logistics related to the supply of spare and wear parts. Our solution includes stock dimensioning and control, consumption tracking, shipments, replacement and all parts on our balance sheet.  We want to ensure that you will have any part exactly when you need it.

Consignment stock

After analyzing your equipment, we set up your own on-site spare parts store, customized for your needs. This guarantees that you get the exact spare part you need, within the agreed timeframe, and in full working order.

Spare part kit

Ensuring years of trouble-free operation requires proper maintenance and repairs, and the use of original spare parts. We offer spare part kits developed specifically for your equipment. Our kits contain original spare parts for the most common service and repair operations for your equipment. Our kits are developed/equipped based on both our product expertise and application experience

Single component

It doesn’t matter if you are located in Europe, North America, or Asia – we have spare parts in stock! Ensuring that you rapidly get the exact part you need – exactly when you need it.

Support around the clock

We are truly commited to give you the best support, therefore we have support in the following areas:
America, Europe, and Asia.

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