The importance of a robust preventive maintenance program

Preventive maintenance: Myth vs. Fact

Among the myths surrounding preventive maintenance (PM), these two surface frequently:


Preventive maintenance is costly and time consuming.


By adhering to a predetermined upkeep schedule, a preventive maintenance program keeps costs predictable and under control. An approach that emphasizes failure avoidance is a more focused and productive use of time.


Preventive maintenance is just about the equipment.


Inadequate equipment maintenance can impact your entire business. Equipment that is not in prime condition presents a major obstacle to continuous process improvement. Even more serious, it creates the risk of failing to meet customer expectations, which can have long-term repercussions for any business.

Quintus Preventive Maintenance Program

By adhering to a predetermined upkeep schedule, a preventive maintenance program keeps costs predictable and under control.

Why preventive maintenance?

Why invest in preventive maintenance? The answer is simple. Impaired equipment causes downtime, and downtime is very expensive.

Statistics on the cost of downtime vary from site to site, but one thing is clear: Repair costs are only the proverbial tip of the iceberg. Any calculation of the true cost of downtime has to take a number of factors into account.

Consider the spiral of negative consequences when your equipment is unable to perform its primary function. Product quality can suffer in the lead-up to failure. Unanticipated production stops mean immediate loss of output – and subsequent loss of revenue. Idled employees are inefficient. Malfunctions can shorten the equipment lifetime. Customer expectations are not met when delivery schedules are missed.

Bottom line, hidden costs swell when preventive maintenance is de-prioritized in favor of short-term savings.

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Prevent downtime and maintenance issues with Quintus Care Program

Why invest in preventive maintenance? The answer is simple. Impaired equipment causes downtime, and downtime is very expensive.

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