Safety, Reliability and Functionality Inspection

A service engineer specialist from Quintus Technologies  will perform a survey of your equipment based on our technical expertise and know-how from other users.

The survey will give you advice on preventive actions and/or recommendations of actions to reduce the risk of unplanned breakdowns in the future.

In addition to this, your operators and maintenance staff have the possibility to gain more information how to  better utilize and improve the performance of the equipment. Special attention is given to safe operation of the equipment.

The Inspection includes

During the inspection visit, our service engineers perform an extensive set of inspections on your equipment. These typically include: 

  • Safety aspects, check of limit switches, check for leakage
  • Alignment of pressure vessel and frame (where applicable)
  • Check of pre-stress of Vessel and frame (where applicable) to verify that the press is safe for further operation
  • Preventive management recommendation of replacement parts (list of common parts that break) Check for wear and tear. Follow up that preventive maintenance is performed properly
  • Documentation: our trained service engineers ensure that all areas of inspection are documented for future use.
  • Recommendation about replacement, upgrades, advanced service etc: recommendations will be made during a briefing with the customer, as well as in the Inspection Report.

By adhering to a predetermined upkeep schedule, a preventive maintenance program keeps costs predictable and under control.

Support around the clock

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