Quintus High Pressure Application Centers

Quintus Application Centers are arenas where world-leading knowledge is spread and unique products are displayed. They are places for customers, researchers, industry representatives, students and staff to meet and see the latest technology, share engineering skills as well as participate in training. They are places where we solve advanced application issues and provide tailor-made solutions and industry-specific customer support.

Hands-On Research

Your engineers are probably looking for solutions, or answers to their technical challenges online. They probably read a lot of white papers on the subject, and watch hours of interesting videos. But they will always want to do some hands-on research. This is where Quintus High Pressure Application Centers can play a significant role.

World-Class Expertise

It’s hard to have the perfect research and experimental set-up at your own facility. As a Quintus Technologies customer you have access to our Application Centers led by technology experts.

The Perfect Set-Up

The centers are equipped for high pressure demonstrations, tool and process development, customer application training and for new process and equipment development purpose. The machines and software are state of the art. Your project is guaranteed confidentiality. Without interruption to production you can:

  • Evaluate new production processes and materials
  • Optimize parameters to get the correct material properties
  • Develop and implement new solutions
  • Run test cycles in our presses
  • Design new tools to optimize production
How It Works

After a feasibility study, we present a proposal for optimized tool layout, application methods and machining strategies. In a process validation phase, we simulate and verify the process and provide training. We give you detailed documentation. Finally, we implement the turnkey solution – complete and ready to use – at your facility, we get our hands dirty together, setting things up so that we see the process in operation. You reap the benefits right from the start.


Application support is offered with Quintus Care Program

Application support is offered with Quintus Care Program.
Our facilities contains a well equipped training area, a conference room, tool manufacturing and try-out facilities, one 18,000 ton press force fluid cell press, rated for a forming pressure up to 2,500 bar (36,000 psi), one 2,070 bar (30,023 psi) QIH21 hot isostatic press with three ovens.

Quintus application center includes conference center that offers
Quintus Application Centers include Flexform presses and HIP units

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