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Quintus Care Program

For more than 60 years, Quintus Technologies has been a global leader in applying high-pressure technology to metal works and metal forming processes. With our in-depth technical knowledge of the press, support systems and a global footprint of more than 150 Flexform presses worldwide – more than all other press competitors combined – Quintus Technologies is the ideal partner to enable your leadership through service and support.

Reduce risks and experience trouble-free operations

Preventing a problem is always better than fixing one. The simple philosophy behind Quintus Care Program (our Service Contracts) is that it is designed to reduce operational risks and help provide you with a trouble-free operation. This allows you to concentrate on your core business rather than worrying about unexpected breakdowns, scheduling maintenance, ordering parts or managing service engineers.

The support you need, when you need it

At Quintus we have always had your peace of mind, as our primary focus. Using the Quintus Care Program we can help you achieve higher reliability, lower operational costs and improved productivity through our service and support network. Quintus Care Program helps you achieve higher reliability, lower operational costs and improved productivity by giving you.

Application Training

Training is offered at various levels, adapted to your background and experience. The training is focus on the complete process, from determination of materials blank, process definition to the final pressed part, involving both operators and tool design engineering.

Benefits with Quintus Care Program

The Quintus Care Program allow for quality improvement and labor time reduction in the sheet metal part fabrication process.  Here are 6 benefits with Quintus Care program:

  Predictable yearly cost, no surprises.

  Overall risk mitigation to ensure availability and safe operation. Get the most out of the equipment investment.

  Comfortable way to secure service and support for the coming five years.

  One purchase order, and your single point of contact will secure the planning for services, inspections and spare parts supply.

  Top priority in technical support and prioritized availability for Field Service Engineers on site.

  Single point of contact for all topics concerning the Quintus press, one phone call away.

Quintus Care Program Overview

Spare parts

Availability of spare parts is critical to reduce risk. With Quintus Care you secure that original parts are available when needed.
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Continuous training of your staff to ensure safe and productive operation. Read more

Application consulting

Access to Quintus Technologies expertise for advice on how to use and handle your equipment in the most efficient way possible. Read more

Technical support

Instant access to technical support if the unexpected happens. With Quintus Care you get top priority and 48 hours guaranteed dispatch time. Read more

Annual inspections

Annual inspection and condition check of your equipment ensures safe operation and enable proactivity. Risk mitigation to reduce risk of costly breakdowns. Read more

Periodic maintenance

Periodic maintenance keeps your equimpent in condition and is key for high availability and to reduce the risk for unplanned stops. Read more

With Quintus Care you also benefit from a single point of contact that will take care of all your Quintus Care needs, arrange periodic maintenance, plan for annual inspections, and support you all the way.

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