Quintus Technologies at The PMA Deep Draw Technology Seminar

At the PMA Deep Draw Seminar, you will be able to discover how sheet metal strength and thickness, forming speeds, surface coatings, lubricant types, die design, tool steel selection and heat treatment affect part formability, process performance and die life in deep-drawing applications. We will present on the topic ,”High Pressure Fluid Cell of Deep Drawn Parts” . In this presentation, participants will gain a better understanding of principles and techniques of fluid cell forming as well as an overview of other sheet hydroforming processes.

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PMA Deep Draw Technology Seminar – December 5th – 6th, 2017

Find your way to the Seminar  – Holiday Inn Cleveland

We will explore its many cost reducing features, most significantly in tool-development, simulation, and prototyping, as well as its superior advantages in forming complex deep drawn shapes with higher LDR and tighter tolerances.

Want to Know How Our Technology Can Cut Tool Cost by up to 90% ?

The meeting will be at the event with one of our experts

800–1,200 bar(11,600–17,400 psi)

Tray diameter 560-1100mm (22.0-43.3in)

Max draw depth 250 mm (9.8 in)

Cycle Time 30 -120 seconds

Working with Low Volume Manufacturing ?

Our deep draw press improves the mechanical properties of different materials. High pressure ensures high quality.

Our unique metal forming technology (Flexform) gives advantages such as low tooling cost, intricate shapes formed to close assembly tolerances, multiple parts per cycle, short set-up times and finished parts directly off the press with little or no manual rework.

Quintus Technologies is also highly respected for its skill in the fabrication process analysis, the forming process optimization, innovative tool design, systematic project management, and on-site technical support.

Ideal for Low Volume Production of Parts with Complex Shapes

» Increase capacity by 50-80%
» Flexform results in high quality, low cost parts
» Excellent for airframe fabrication
» Forming simulation

sheet metal forming aerospace

Lead Time Savings from Weeks to Hours

» Need for only one single rigid tool half cut manufacturing time
» Cost for late design changes are minimized
» Need for tool alignment to fit a specific sheet thickness is eliminated

Cut Tool Cost by up to 90%

» Tool cost savings, typically in range of 50 - 90%
» Low volume and niche-vehicle parts
» Small interior components to large exterior panels
» Small shallow parts to large, deep parts

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Shaping the Automotive Prototpying Industry with Flexform Presses

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Whitcraft Gears Up For Aerospace Growth with Quintus

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Shaping the Low Volume Sheet Metal Forming Industry with Flexform Presses

Want to Know How Our Technology Can Cut Tool Cost by up to 90% ?

The meeting will be at the event with one of our experts