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High Pressure Processing (HPP) – The Natural way to Preserve Food and Beverages.

Join us at Pack Expo and learn how you can increase your profitability with HPP.

HPP is revolutionizing the way foods and beverages are preserved, allowing manufacturers and marketers to create innovative products that customers desire, such as preservative free, with all the natural nutrients present.  HPP also minimizes the use of energy and chemicals, which is positive from a sustainability perspective.

  • Premium products with a fresh taste – better mouthfeel for certain products.
  • Greater options for clean label products – the need for chemical preservatives is eliminated.
  • Higher nutritional value – bioactive components and covalent bonds are not affected.
  • Prolongs refrigerated shelf life 2 to 10 times longer – increased market reach.
  • Greater flexibility in production planning, raw material procurement and logistics.
  • Opportunities for new products – unique behaviour of hydrocolloid materials.
  • Reduced frequency of food safety testing – post packaging, post lethality process.
  • Fully compliant with global food safety regulations.

Request a meeting with one of our HPP Experts at Pack Expo, September 27-29, 2021.