High Pressure Warm Forming of Titanium

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Flexform™ Benefits for the Aerospace Titanium Industry

The Flexform High Pressure Warm Forming process is a new technology that can replace or complement existing Titanium forming methods, such as hot-forming, hot stamping, super plastic forming, SPF, and hot gas forming.

50% reduction in production costs
Protection gas may be eliminated, due to the relatively low temperature process. Time for part cleaning after processing is reduced to a minimum, and the need for forming tool maintenance is also greatly reduced due to galling from the titanium blanks. Finally the energy consumption is also greatly reduced, compared to traditional hot forming methods.

Five times increased throughput
The HPWF process, with less than 5 minutes cycle time, including heating, loading, forming and unloading, can handle multiple tools in one and the same forming cycle, while allowing for very rapid tool changes. Forming at relatively low temperatures enables quick cooling. The new Flexform HPWF process has a production capacity of some five times traditional hot-forming processes.

Forming repeatability
The flexibility of the process allows for springback compensation in the die design, hence compensation for material spring back can be implemented into the process, allowing final shape parts to come directly from the process.

1. The tools may be pre-heated to maximize system productivity.
2. The blanks may be pre-heated to maximize system productivity.
3. The blank is mated with the forming tool and induction heating is applied. The system can handle more than one forming tool in each forming operation.
4. Kept together as a package, the blank and forming tool are automatically transported into the press, exposed to the high-pressure process, and then returned to a part unloading station. The process parameters are carefully monitored and tracked.
5. The other shuttling tray may be used either for traditional cold forming, or be used to increase the system’s warm forming capacity.
6. After forming and cooling the parts are ready for assembly.
7-8. Alternatively, if required, the parts are ready for final heat treatment or hot forming calibration.


High-pressure warm forming forms aerospace-grade titanium

New process allows forming of Ti6Al4V at lower temps
With the growth of titanium usage in new aircraft expected, new and improved ways of forming titanium are needed. The high-pressure warm forming (HPWF) process is a new technology developed to form titanium at temperatures lower than hot forming, hot stamping, and superplastic forming.

Flexform™ Applications

Examples of Aerospace applications for hydroforming

Flexform™ Applications

Aerospace Industry

Quintus has supplied more than 150 Flexform™ systems to companies such as Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Cessna, Embraer, British Aerospace, Aerospatial and China Aviation.

Examples of automotive applications for metal forming

Flexform™ Applications

Automotive Industry

For decades, Quintus has supplied Flexform™ solutions to major automotive manufacturers worldwide, including Ford, Daimler-Benz, Volvo, BMW, Rover, GAZ and Saab.

Examples of general applications for metal forming

Flexform™ Applications

General Manufacturing

The Flexform™ technology provides solutions for appliance and white goods manufacturers, and for a wide variety of low volume custom parts fabricators.

For many parts, hand correction of incompletely-formed shapes has been completely eliminated. We have documented cost savings of 25 to 42 percent on sampled parts due to fewer required cycles and reduced manual rework.

Reference – Daher 

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