High Pressure Heat Treatment

- Perfecting Implant Technology

High Pressure Heat Treatment – Perfecting Implant Properties

The Medical and Dental industry is seeing tremendous growth, with an increase in orthopaedic and dental surgery due to improved access, a growing and aging population and access to general global health programs.

Clinically clean and high performing, fatigue resistant implants are needed to ensure that patient safety and longevity of repairs are paramount. Product quality is of extreme importance as is removal of contamination risks due to surgery. Here, Hot Isostatic Pressing plays a key role.

HIP Supporting the Medical Industry

Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) has been used successfully by suppliers to the aerospace industry for many years. HIP is used to eliminate pores and remove defects to dramatically improve material properties such as fatigue resistance, ductility and impact toughness.

With typical pressures from 400 to 2,070 bar (5,800 to 30,000 psi) and temperatures up to 2,000°C (3,632°F), HIP can achieve 100% of maximum theoretical density and improve the mechanical properties of critical, high-performance materials. Regardless of production method, whether it be casting, additive manufacturing or metal injection moulding HIP provides the in-service performance needed.

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