29 September, 2022


Master Thesis

Quintus Technologies continually work with long-term perspectives and wants to be in the forefront when it comes to investing in students and their careers, that is why we offer students to do their master’s in close collaboration with our skilled Engineering department.

We want to give you as a student the opportunity to develop yourself, get new ideas and perspectives and in the same time gain insight into how our company works. During the master thesis you will be able to use your knowledge gained from your studies and translate them into practice. In the same time as you develop your skills we also hope that you will give us new perspectives and contribute to our development. The thesis also open up the possibility to work at Quintus after the thesis or to apply to our trainee program.

If you want to know more about any of the master thesis proposals or for applying, send your CV, application document and grades to stina.sjogren@quintusteam.com

Data Analytics and Machine Learning

Task description
Quintus is collecting enormous amounts of sensor data during operation of the presses and are storing those values in databases. Additional information such as the cycle, batch, recipe, alarms etcetera is also stored. We are currently doing rule-based maintenance warnings (number of cycles and/or calendar time) but envision that Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning will be an even more powerful tool to predict when failures will occur and thereby give the customers the correct advice.

The task of the master thesis is to analyze and use the data gotten from production to develop and train machine learning models to detect upcoming failures in the HPP presses, and then to evaluate the results and compare with today’s approach.

The thesis will give a clear view of how accurate a machine learning solution can be and how to best develop and train the model. At your disposal, you will have the gathered data in our databases, powerful computing resources and the expertise and press knowledge within Quintus.

We believe the person writing this master thesis is going through a Master of Science in Computer Science or similar.

The thesis will take place at Quintus office in Västerås.

Simulation of gas compressors

Task description
This thesis work goal is to simulate a high-pressure gas compressor developed by Quintus Technologies. The compressor is part of a high-pressure gas system where argon is used as a pressure media in Quintus hot isostatic machines. By gaining knowledge from simulation the performance and life time can be evaluated and optimized for future use. The challenge is to simulate a multistage compression of argon gas with intercooling with pressure up to 207MPa. A compressor lab is available for physical testing and validation of simulation model.

  • Literature research
  • Mapping of the compressor performance in the lab
  • Build a dynamic simulation model
  • Validation of simulation model
  • Possibly optimization of cooling

Profile and application
We are looking for a Mechanical Engineering student with an interest in thermal dynamics. To succeed we believe you have analytical thinking and problem-solving capability. Support from a relevant institution is needed. 

The thesis will take place at Quintus office in Västerås.

Comparison between HPHT and traditional heat treatment processes

Task description
HIP and especially HPHT offers significant benefits compared to traditional heat treatment processes in respect of resource and energy uses as well as required equipments. Benefits can in additional results from higher material quality after HPHT and therefore longer component lifetimes.  

  • Select relevant HPHT processes to be compared with traditional heat treatments  
  • Define relevant parameters for the comparison  
  • Analyse processes and execute comparison 
  • Differences to be identified and quantified in respect to environmental and financial impacts. 
  • Areas for further improvement to be specified. 

Profile and application
We believe the person/persons writing this thesis is are going through a Master of Science with specialization in material science, machine technology, production technology, Automation,  Energy Management or Industrial Engineering or similar.

The thesis will take place at Quintus office in Västerås. 

Develop a Lean Production set-up for the production of compact HIP in Västerås

Task description
Compact HIP’s are standardized product and the assembly, commissioning and testing, disassembly and packaging take place in Västerås. Through applying lean production concepts the throughput time for these products can be reduced significantly by increasing the product quality at the same time.  

  • Analyse current assembly, commissioning, disassembly and packaging process; processes boundaries are start of production until shipment from Västerås.  
  • Develop an optimized production processes; defined optimization parameters clearly  
  • Quantify differences between as is status and optimized set-up  
  • Identify pre-requisites for implementation of optimized set-up . 

Profile and application
We believe the person/persons writing this thesis is are going through a Master of Science with specialization in machine technology, production technology or Industrial Engineering or similar.

The thesis will take place at Quintus office in Västerås.

Advanced spare parts pricing and sales analysis

Task description
Improved statistical analyses allow better informed decisions to be made based on real data rather than assumptions or feelings. Quintus seeks to improve its statistical analysis regarding its spare parts business segment. This study has the potential to increase sales, increase profitability, provide greater customer value, and gain an edge on the competition.  

Spare parts pricing strategies can and should be developed based on high level trends and the unique circumstances of individual components and/or subgroupings. This analysis will examine the statistical significance of criteria including, but not limited to: elasticity (increase in price corresponds to decrease in sales and vice versa), proprietary/non-proprietary, competition, life-cycle stage, part type or category, and customer and vendor profiles.  

The objective in the project is to examine the spare parts sales, costing, and pricing history, then use that information to build new pricing strategies for the spare parts business. The main tasks will be:  

  • Deep dive segmentation of: customers, part types, product life-cycle stage, competition, and vendors 
  • Review sales history for trends by customer, product, part type, etc.  
  • Review cost changes over time and connect with supply chain management regarding estimated future changes  
  • Utilize the above information to develop short- and long-term spare parts pricing strategies. Set up the analyses to be repeatable in future cycles 

Profile and application
We believe the person/persons writing this thesis is are going through an Master of Science in Industrial Engineering, Finance, Statistical Analysis, Mathematics or Applied Physics.

The thesis will take place at Quintus office in Västerås.