Shaping the Aerospace Jet Engine Industry with Flexform™

Quintus Technologies has supplied high-pressure hydroform presses to the world’s major aircraft and jet engine manufacturers for decades, such as Airbus, Boeing, Rolls Royce, Pratt & Whitney and their supply chain.

The availability of high forming pressures greatly increases the range of sheet metal parts that can be formed economically. The final shape can be achieved in fewer steps and with less manual correction. Also, heavy gauge and difficult materials can be formed into complex shapes with close tolerances. Trimming can be included in the press cycle.

The hydroform technology is ideal for::

✓ Structural items, from small shallow to large deep parts, in aluminum alloys, stainless steel and titanium.
✓ Engine components, including deep drawn parts, in high-strength, heat-resistant materials.
✓ Expansion forming of tubes, ducts and other irregular shaped parts.

Expert movie - Jet engine heat shield

Listen to one of our Expert movies and learn why hydroforming is the ideal process for low volume sheet metal forming.

Webinar - The Quintus Hydroform process for low volume sheet metal forming

Learn how to produce sheet metal parts with complex shapes in small volumes. At the webinar we will provide hands-on examples how to best take advantage of the high pressure forming.

Customer Conversations - ITP Aero

Discover how the Quitnus Flexform Technology™ fits into ITP Aero´s production.

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