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Flexcell™ Concept

Quintus Technologies introduces the Flexcell™ concept, a solution dedicated to efficient low volume sheet metal fabrication. The system takes advantage of the high pressure Flexform technology, using only one rigid tool half, the other tool-half being a flexible rubber diaphragm, backed up by hydraulic oil pressure.

The Flexcell concept minimizes the time for tooling changes and takes the time for new tool set-ups from hours to seconds. The Flexcell™  concept substantially increases productivity, allowing fabrication of small production batches, when a wide variety of part shapes are required.

The Flexcell™ concept also makes the handling of heavy tools easier, while taking away the manual feeding of parts, making this process safer and more efficient.

Quintus Technologies Flexcell Concept

The Flexcell™ press creates very low tooling cost and short lead times make Flexform™ ideal for low volume production of high quality sheet metal parts.

Flexform™ Applications

Examples of Aerospace applications for hydroforming

Flexform™ Applications

Aerospace Industry

Quintus has supplied more than 150 Flexform™ systems to companies such as Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Cessna, Embraer, British Aerospace, Aerospatial and China Aviation.

Examples of automotive applications for metal forming

Flexform™ Applications

Automotive Industry

For decades, Quintus has supplied Flexform™ solutions to major automotive manufacturers worldwide, including Ford, Daimler-Benz, Volvo, BMW, Rover, GAZ and Saab.

Examples of general applications for metal forming

Flexform™ Applications

General Manufacturing

The Flexform™ technology provides solutions for appliance and white goods manufacturers, and for a wide variety of low volume custom parts fabricators.

For many parts, hand correction of incompletely-formed shapes has been completely eliminated. We have documented cost savings of 25 to 42 percent on sampled parts due to fewer required cycles and reduced manual rework.

Reference – Daher 

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