High pressure processing of dairy products

Milk and cheese are the base of a wide range of products. High pressure processing is a scientifically proven, cost-effective way to ensure the safety of these foods while preserving all the nutrients, flavours and functional attributes.

Pathogens are a concern for all producers of dairy and cheese products. By incorporating HPP in the production process you effectively eliminate all pathogens in your products. Additionally, as part of a raw materials intervention, HPP can enhance properties of ingredients for further processing of dairy products.

The shelf life of processed dairy products such as cheese, yogurt, and yogurt-based dips and salad dressings is prolonged substantially after a HPP treatment, reducing food waste and increasing market opportunities.

Benefits for the dairy industry

  • Improves food safety – meets the food safety requirements of regulatory authorities
  • Enhances texture and mouth feel, inhibits syneresis, improves protein retention
  • Significantly longer refrigerated shelf life – reduces spoilage, eases market expansion
  • Accelerates aging process in certain cheeses
  • Easier and faster to develop new products – cheese breads, colostrum formulation, probiotics

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