High pressure processing for juice

Fruit juice-based beverages is one of the most suitable categories for high pressure processing due to various acidity levels. Based on final pH and Brix levels, most of the products  can be treated at lower pressures for shorter hold times, which will increase throughput and productivity.

With HPP treatment, flavour, colour and nutrients in the products are maintained and no preservatives are required, making hpp juice more attractive to customers. Conversely, heat treatment negatively effects the fresh taste and nutrients of premium beverages and value-added cut fruits.

Prolong cold pressed juice shelf life

  • Fully natural process – no heating or additives required
  • High product quality – all the fresh tastes, nutrients and textures are preserved
  • Significantly longer shelf life than fresh squeezed alternatives – eases market expansion
  • Ensures food safety – meets the food safety requirements of regulatory authorities
  • Easier and faster to develop new products

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