HPP for baby food

The combination of outstanding food safety and high nutritional value makes processed fruit-based baby foods a very attractive category with great sales potential. HPP treatment effectively inactivates foodborne pathogens and, slows down spoilage microorganisms while keeping vitamins, enzymes and other heat sensitive bioactive compounds intact.

Baby foods are often sterilized, which affects both taste and nutrients negatively. By using baby food processing equipment, the food not only becomes tastier and healthier, but risks of upstream contamination are eliminated since the hpp baby food is pressure treated in its final package.

Prolong baby food shelf life

  • Natural product which meets the food safety requirements of regulatory authorities
  • All nutrients, fresh taste and flavours are preserved
  • No need for additives such as sugar or preservatives
  • Extended shelf life – greater possibility of opening new markets
  • Easier and faster to develop new products

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