High Pressure Processing (HPP) Application Centers

Accelerating New Product Launches

Continually increasing consumer demand for healthier, preservative free, safer, refrigerated food and beverages has created new market opportunities for both established and start up food producers and marketers.

As a science based non-thermal, post packaging technology, HPP continues to facilitate the development of these unique foods without sacrificing product taste, nutrition, and refrigerated shelf life, while avoiding potential food safety risks.

The question therefore from more and more retailers, foodservice establishments, and other market channels is not if, but when will more high pressure protected products become available.

Quintus is here to help!

As one well known expression puts it, “time is money”. Serving demanding and competitive industries for over 70 years, the Quintus’ Application Centers are comprehensively set up and staffed to expedite the timeline for which food producers and marketers can meet customer needs and new specifications.

Quintus Application Centers

  • Access to world recognized HPP scientists and product developers.
  • Comprehensive in-house support for your complete HPP plans.
  • Validation studies which comply with regulatory requirements.
  • Studies conducted on commercial size Quintus HPP system.
  • Capability of producing sample sizes for market trials / client tests.
  • Ideal hands-on centers for new or modified product rollouts.
  • Accessible to all companies wishing to advance the commercial growth of HPP foods.
  • Convenient global locations.

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High Pressure Processing Applications

HPP for beverages and cut-fruits

With HPP treatment, flavour, colour and nutrients in the products are maintained and no preservatives are required, making hpp juice more attractive to customers.

HPP of meat products

HPP is used for a wide range of meat products such as ready-to-eat deli meats, dry cured meats and sausages, and marinated raw ready-to-cook meats.

HPP of pet food

High pressure processing makes it possible to ensure food safety in fresh and raw pet food without affecting nutritional components and the bioavailability of these nutrients.

HPP of plant based food

High-pressure processing is the perfect non-thermal method to increase the shelf life of plant-based foods.