Application Support for Hot Isostatic Pressing

Quintus Offers Application Support Within Three Areas:

Material Densification Advice, Support, and Process Optimization

Our global network and leading technical experts are available to support you with technical and application support to get started and continuously advice you to improve the material properties.

Access to Quintus High Pressure Application Center

You will get access to our unique application support competencies, and to run testing cycles in Quintus HIP production equipment including evaluation of new production processes and materials to optimize parameters to get the correct material properties.

Hot Isostatic Pressing Tech Seminars

Get advice and new ideas by attending our world class Tech Seminars, where you will get access to the latest trends and experts in the field. As an additional service, we can offer material testing together with an external partner to evaluate chemical composition, microstructure, porosity, mechanical properties and fatigue properties of the tested samples, scope and price to be defined based on current needs. Our Isostatic Pressing lab facilities include three Hot Isostatic Presses and one Cold Isostatic Press.

A Strong Track Record for Hot Isostatic Pressing

Quintus Technologies has developed, designed and produced isostatic presses for over 60 years which has given us a deep and broad knowledge in isostatic pressing and its applications. Process expertise combined with a Quintus HIP system will enable your company to:

  • Save process time and cost
  • URC® enables an increased productivity of up to 50% 
  • Reduce the amount of production steps
  • URC® and URQ® can combine HIP and heat treatment
  • Increase the HIP productivity
  • Not only is the Quintus HIP the fastest on the market it is also built to be used 24/7

With this background we can offer testing, technical, and application support within isostatic pressing to demonstrate capabilities, feasibility, and results of this process. Included in this scope are:

  • Consultation in materials, process capabilities and process parameters
  • Testing of desired process
  • A report describing the results and the logged process data

Visit our High Pressure Application Centers

Learn how you can achieve the best result with isostatic processing.

Hot Isostatic Pressing Applications

Quintus Hot Isostatic Pressing Supporting the Casting Industry

HIP Supporting the Casting Industry

Learn how HIP is used to eliminate pores and remove casting defects, i.e. oxides and carbides, to dramatically increase the material properties.

Quintus Technologies Hot Isostatic Pressing Supporting Additive Manufacturing

HIP supporting Additive Manufacturing

Learn how components from 3D-printing, regardless of method (EBM, SLM, etc.), benefits greatly from HIPing.

Example of Quintus heat treatment

The Ultimate Heat Treatment Solution

Learn how Quintus URC and URQ furnaces can provide decreased cycle time, higher productivity, and even combined HIP and heat treating.

sample MIM part made in Quintus HIP

HIP Supporting the MIM Industry

Learn how the components after sintering for metal injection moulding benefit from HIPing, regardless of de-binding method.