Quintus Technologies at Farnborough Airshow 2018

The Farnborough Airshow brings together all key players in the global aerospace
offering a wide array of opportunities ranging from thought leadership,
live product demos, market latest innovations, and much more!

We will be available to meet you at Booth 4685
2018 International Farnborough Airshow – July 16 – 22

How to Face the Challenges for Aerospace Suppliers by Finding More Innovative and Flexible Solutions

HIP Perfects the Properties of Your 3D Printed Parts

» Reduced lead time
» Removal of build-defects
» Short pay-back time

Increase Your Aerospace Manufacturing Capacity by 50-90%

» Quick set-up and changeover
» Reduced tooling lead time
» Simpler, faster operations and fewer cycles

Example of Quintus Flexform hydroforming pressing of parts

Precise, Uniform and High Quality Parts

» Precise forming – reduction in spring back
» Consistent quality
» Use of variety of materials with different thickness

Want to Know How Our Technology Can Increase Productivity and Cut Manufacturing Cost?

The meeting will be at the event with one of our experts!

Learn how High Pressure Technology can help you in your daily business

Flexform is a well-established sheet metal processing technology which is ideal for low volume production in aerospace equipment industries.

View how high-pressure heat treatment can reduce material imperfections and improve the material properties in AM manufacturing post processing.

Some of Quintus Technologies Trusted Aerospace Partners and Customers:
Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Cessna, Embraer, Alenia,
British Aerospace, Aerospatial, EADS, China Aviation and Mitsubishi

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Shaping the Aerospace Industry with Flexform Presses

Hot Isostatic Pressing – Supporting the Additive Manufacturing Industry

Innovations in Fluid Cell Tooling Processing Efficiency White Paper

Want to Know How Our Technology Can Increase Productivity and Cut Manufacturing Cost?