Webinar - Steering thermal processing in modern HIP equipment

Wednesday, Jun 22 2022 - Wednesday, Jun 22 2022

We are pleased welcoming you to the Quintus Technologies Webinar “Steering thermal processing in modern HIP equipment”.

In this webinar we will be presenting the opportunities that comes from using modern HIP systems and the unique Quintus HPHT™ technology.

Listen in to find out about the potential for doubling HIP productivity and performing full or part of standardized heat treatments as well as optimized state of the art, in extracting all the potentials made available by new manufacturing technologies, while ensuring maximum process consistency.

June 22
​​​Asia: 2 PM CST (@ UTC+8)
Europe: 11 AM CEST (@ UTC+2)
Americas: 10 AM CDT (@ UTC-5)

Webinar speaker
Johannes Gårdstam is working as Application Manager and joined the Quintus team 2016. Johannes has a Master of Sience degree in solid mechanics from Royal Institute of Technology. He also has more than 15 years of Research and Development experience regarding material properties in low and high temperatures.

If you are working with specifying materials, working within the industry or just have interest in the topic, sign up now and we are looking forward to seeing you online.

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