Webinar - State of the art Hot Isostatic Pressing for Advanced Ceramics

Thursday, Mar 17 2022 - Thursday, Mar 17 2022

We are pleased welcoming you to the Quintus Technologies Webinar “State of the art Hot Isostatic Pressing for Advanced Ceramics”.

In this webinar we will be presenting the opportunities that comes from using modern HIP systems and the unique Quintus HPHT™ technology also for the fast-growing field of Advance Ceramics in Automotive, Energy, Electronics, Medical and more.

Listen in to find out about the potential for doubling HIP productivity and performing in-HIP tailoring of material properties, when using fully steered and uniform rapid cooling, URC®, while fully densifying your ceramic components in the pursuit of optimum strength, reliability, optical and dielectric properties.

March 17
​​​Asia: 3 PM (@ UTC+8)
Europe: 11 AM (@ UTC+1)
Americas: 10 AM (@ UTC-6)

Webinar speaker
Anders Magnusson is working as Business Development Manager and joined the Quintus team in 2021, following a career of +20 years in high temperature materials and heating systems for industrial and laboratory furnaces. Anders holds a MSc degree in Engineering materials from Chalmers University of Technology.

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