Västerås Open House

Wednesday, May 13 2020 - Wednesday, May 13 2020
Västerås, Sweden
Join us in the Quintus workshop for live demonstrations! On May 13, 2020, we will open the doors to the Quintus workshop and our test facilities in Västerås, Sweden. Experts will be on hand to demonstrate various types of forming in Quintus presses. The live demonstrations will be followed by a seminar session in the afternoon at the Steam Hotel. The event will also include a dinner and networking in the evening.

Highlights will include:
Several high-pressure Quintus fluid cell presses will be demonstrated during a tour of our manufacturing facilities:
• The new Quintus press model QFC 1x3 - 800
• The popular Quintus press model QFC 0.7 x 1.8 – 800
• A large sized Quintus fluid cell press QFC 1.2 x 3 - 1000

Forming demonstrations in the advanced Quintus High-Pressure Application Center:
• A new full-scale High Pressure Warm Forming production system, designed for Titanium 6Al-4V sheet forming.
• Deep-drawing and expansion forming in the Quintus deep-draw press type QFM 0.8-800.
• Forming simulation will be discussed, the game-changer for Flexform technology users

You will also see the unique QUINTUS wire-winding fabrication process in operation, the key to the unique high-pressure capability and equipment unmatched life.

A detailed agenda will follow.

The event is free of charge and includes lunch, coffee and dinner. Early arrivals can also join us for an informal welcome dinner on May 12.

We look forward to meeting you!

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