Aeromat Conference

Monday, Apr 10 2017 - Wednesday, Apr 12 2017
Charleston Arena Convention, Coliseum Drive, North Charleston, Charleston County, SC, United States
AeroMat is the premier aerospace materials conference in the world presented by top leaders in aerospace materials field and includes an exposition of aerospace products and services from over 80 companies and organizations. Quintus's Dr. Anders Eklund  will present Heat Treatment of AM Parts by Hot Isostatic Pressing. Heat Treatment of AM Parts by Hot Isostatic Pressing Anders Eklund, Senior Sales Manager By applying a HIP step, pores will be eliminated and the density will increase to virtually 100% of theoretical density. This pore elimination will improve the strength, ductility, and especially the fatigue properties of the material. Residual stresses will also be eliminated. Today, it is possible to combine HIPing and heat treatment in a specifically designed HIP equipped with Uniform Rapid Quenching (URQ®) or Uniform Rapid Cooling (URC®). This paper will describe the process and benefits of HIP of MIM parts together with the possibilities and advantages of combining the HIP process and heat treatment in a Rapid Cool HIP.