Isostatic Laminator Presses

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Isostatic Lamination

The same basic process used for powdered metals and ceramics can be slightly modified by the addition of temperature (typically up to 90°C) for the lamination of components for the electronics industry. Pressure ranges for lamination have typically been in the 5,000 to 10,000 PSI (344 to 688 Bar) range. Recent developments in the industry have indicated that future pressure ranges could be in the 30,000 to 60,000 PSI (2068 to 4136 Bar) range. Quintus is in the process of providing presses for the future need now.

Quintus has developed a series of high pressure Isostatic Laminating Presses (ILP) for the cost-effective lamination of a variety of electronic components including MLCC’s, LTCC’s, hybrid chips, ferrites, Base Metal Element packages, multi-layer PZTs, medical electronics and implant devices, electronic filters, Varistors, Bluetooth components, fuel cells, and other multi-layer modules..

Isostatic Laminating Presses

Isostatic Laminators Presses Can Produce Huge Gains in Productivity

Isostatic Laminating Presses offer throughput rates of up to 20 times those of traditional uniaxial heated platen presses.

Large, fully accessible work baskets hold numerous vacuum-bagged parts in horizontal stacks or vertical rows, and can accommodate packages up to 20” in length. Multiple packages of varying sizes can be laminated in a single 3-10 minute cycle.

Isostatic Laminating Presses Provides Both Speed and Quality

Even with its overwhelming productivity advantages, the Quintus Isostatic Laminator produces finished modules with virtually flawless quality:

  • Evenly distributed lamination pressure prevents package distortion
  • Shrinkage is precisely controlled, and part-to-part variation is eliminated
  • Excellent heat transfer to all areas of the part ensures uniform lamination
  • No rounding of edges or camber
  • No edge trimming
  • No in-cycle part rotation
  • Rejected parts and scrap costs are significantly reduced

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