Isostatic Laminator Presses

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Isostatic Lamination

Quintus’s experience and engineering skill has also made it the undisputed leader in the growing world of isostatic lamination. Many customers have already come back to Quintus for their second or third laminators.

Standard models are available up to 30,000 psi working pressure. Other sizes are available on special order. A variety of high-pressure pumps are available.

High Productivity Gains

The most visible difference between the Quintus Laminator and other units is its large, fully accessible work zone. The suspended work basket will hold vacuum-bagged parts in horizontal stacks or vertical rows and can accommodate packages up to 20” in length.
In addition to its overwhelming productivity advantage over uniaxial platen presses, the Quintus Laminator offers other advantages:

» The vessel fluid is simple potable water, no additives required
» Small footprint. Permits a low ceiling height
» Relatively light weight
» Local qualified technical support and service

Example of Quintus Technologies Isostatic Laminator

Proven Process for High Performance Parts

  • Hybrid chips
  • Bluetooth components
  • MLCCs
  • BMEs
  • Ferrites
  • Fuel cells
  • LTCCs
  • Electronic filters

Isostatic Laminating Presses Provides Both Speed and Quality

Even with its overwhelming productivity advantages, the Quintus Isostatic Laminator produces finished modules with virtually flawless quality:

  • Evenly distributed lamination pressure prevents package distortion
  • Shrinkage is precisely controlled, and part-to-part variation is eliminated
  • Excellent heat transfer to all areas of the part ensures uniform lamination
  • No rounding of edges or camber
  • No edge trimming
  • No in-cycle part rotation
  • Rejected parts and scrap costs are significantly reduced

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