Västerås, Sweden

Study of hydraulic power unit system

The Quintus Hot Isostatic Press is used to reduce the porosity of metals and increase the density of many ceramic materials to improve their mechanical properties. A Quintus HIP can deliver pressures up to 2000 bars and temperatures in the excess of 1400°C. To reach these pressures a hydraulic unit is powering a pressure intensifier to compress the gas in a pressure vessel.


The hydraulic unit consists of an axial piston pump that drives a double acting pressure intensifier that compresses gas in two stages. It is split in a low-stage compression and a high stage compression both driven by the same hydraulic piston with interstage and after-stage coolers. The hydraulic unit itself consists of two directional control valves that control the stroke of the hydraulic position.

Task Description

The goal of the thesis is to study the hydraulic system, improve the simulation model and suggest improvements to the system. Test equipment is available for verification. The focus areas are to:

  • Improve the system model in Amesim. Model an axial piston pump, directional control valves, pressure regulators and check valves. Verify with real data.
  • Study the vibration, pump pulsations and energy losses of the hydraulic unit and identify the biggest risk areas in the hydraulic system for different loads.
  • Optimize the switching of directional control valves to use as much of the piston stroke as possible.

Suitable Background

Mechanical Engineer in fluid power, mechatronics or similar.

  • A basic understanding of hydraulic principles, common components, and terminology.
  • Control theory knowledges and applications, model building and implementations.
  • Experience with simulation software, such as Hopsan, AMESIM, Matlab/Simulink.

Application Information

The thesis will take place at Quintus’s office in Västerås during spring 2024 and is aimed for one person. Apply as soon as possible, but no later than 2023-11-03. Send your CV together with academic transcripts to contact person HR Business Partner, Stina Sjögren, recruitment@quintusteam.com

LocationVästerås, Sweden
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