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Processing solid-state batteries with isostatic pressure

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All-solid-state battery (ASSB) systems are widely regarded as the next-generation battery systems, possibly surpassing regular lithium-ion batteries with liquid electrolyte in properties with regards to e.g. safety, cycle stability, gravimetric and volumetric energy density, fast charge capabilities, temperature range of usage. In 2020 the paper titledHigh-energy long-cycling all-solid-state lithium metal batteries enabled by silver–carbon composite anodes” by Lee et al. (SAMSUNG) showed an ASSB featuring a sulfide solid-state electrolyte (Argyrodite [Li6PS5X], X = Cl, Br, I) and an in-situ anode concept leading to promising electrochemical properties. During the assembly of the pouch-based battery (~0.6 and >5 Ah demonstrator) warm isostatic pressing is applied at multiple stages in the production process to laminate and densify its components. Even with latest progressions, there are still challenges to be addressed by research and development to facilitate consistent production of cells. Isostatic pressure is thought of the possible element enabling the production and enhancing the reproducibility of ASSB.

Task Description

The tasks are to analyse how the three main parameters of isostatic processing, Temperature, Pressure, Holding Time, can influence on porosity and electromechanical properties in a chosen sulfide solid state battery reference system. The thesis also includes to analyse the correlation of impedance with level of porosity and electromechanical performance in a solid-state battery reference system. Moreover, the task includes to investigate how material and electrode design support isostatic densification process and how it improves electromechanical performance.

Possible work included

  • Choice of reference composite system with regards to home institutes “hot topics”
  • Synthesis and processing of the reference systems components (Isostatic presses in Quintus Application Center in Sweden, Västerås or USA, Columbus are to be used.)
  • Electrochemical and structural characterization of the chosen materials, composite, and battery system
  • Evaluation and interpretation of change in electrochemical characteristics to processing parameter trends
  • Presentation of studies at Quintus Technologies in Västerås, Sweden

Suitable Background

Master of Science with specialisation in Material Science, Inorganic Chemistry, Electro-chemistry or similar

Application Information

The thesis will take place at Quintus’s office in Västerås during spring 2024 and is aimed for one or two persons. Apply as soon as possible, but no later than 2023-11-03. Send your CV together with academic transcripts to HR Business Partner, Stina Sjögren, recruitment@quintusteam.com

LocationVästerås, Sweden
Due date

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