Västerås, Sweden

Influence from clean HIP process atmosphere on Ti64 Surfaces

Quintus Technologies is the global leader in high pressure technology. The company designs, manufactures, installs, and supports high pressure systems in three main areas: densification of advanced materials, sheet metal forming and high pressure processing for food and beverage innovation, safety, and shelf life. Quintus has delivered over 1,900 systems to customers within industries from energy, medical implants, space, aerospace, automotive and food processing. The company is headquartered in Västerås, Sweden, with a presence in 45 countries worldwide.


The aim of this thesis is to find and evaluate the actual oxygen content in a Ti64 surface after HIP/heat treatment in different oxygen containing processing atmospheres, ranging from a detrimental level heating a HIPed sample in air to a possible optimum level HIPing with Purus(R) strategy. This oxygen can be in the form of surface oxides or as interstitial oxygen stabilizing the alpha phase forming a brittle surface layer called “alpha case” that needs to be removed before use in critical applications. The work will preferably be carried out at an institution having access to SEM/EDS equipment and heat treatment furnaces. HIP trials to be done at Quintus Application Center. Material samples to be decided and cooperation with AM printing work preferred

Task Description

Suggested research questions for this Thesis.

  1. How is the correlation between oxygen content in processing atmosphere, oxygen compounds formed and depth below surface?
  2. How does the above correlate to inspection criteria for alpha case in medical implants

Suitable Background

Master of Science programme with specialisation in materials science, mechanical engineering, additive manufacturing or metallurgy.

Application Information

The thesis will take place at Quintus office in Västerås and is aimed for one or two persons. Selection will be ongoing so therefore apply as soon as possible, but no later than 2023-12-08. Send your CV and grades together with short information of what thesis proposal you are interested in and why, to recruitment@quintusteam.com

LocationVästerås, Sweden
Due date

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