10 October, 2014

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Germany’s Hago Feinwerktechnik Reaches 1 Million Production Cycles on Avure Fluid Cell Press

Milestone of almost 45,000 cycles per year testifies to robust productivity of durable sheet metal forming press

Hago Feinwerktechnik GmbH, the German sub-supplier to the automotive and commercial vehicle industries, has proudly passed the threshold of 1 million cycles on its Avure fluid cell press. This landmark event propels Hago into an exclusive group of global companies—including Premium Aerotech in Bremen (formerly Airbus), Bombardier in Northern Ireland, EADS in Spain, and Spirit Aerosystems in Wichita, Kansas, USA--that have observed the same milestone, a testament to the robust productivity offered by the sheet metal forming press.

The Avure Flexform™ technology is ideal for sheet metal prototyping and low-volume production, making it a perfect match for the aerospace industry, automotive prototyping, and commercial vehicle production. For the past 20-plus years, the fluid cell press at Hago Feinwerktechnik , the 77,000-ton press force QUINTUS® press model having a table area of 1.4 x 4 m (55 x 157 inch), has been delivering great value to the company and its customers, particularly when lead-time requirements are tight, according to Hago Managing Director Rainer Hack.

“I have followed our business development since the initial installation of the press in the early 1990s. Its productivity and reliability have been a driving force behind our growth,” says Mr. Hack.