Shaping the Airframe Industry with the Flexform™ technology

Today, Quintus Technologies is the leading fluid cell press supplier to the aerospace airframe industry with more than 200 Flexform™ systems in operation at major aircraft and airframe metal fabrication manufacturers worldwide, including Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, British Aerospace, Cessna, Chengdu Aircraft, Collins Aerospace, Embraer, Mitsubishi, Premium Aerotech, Shanghai Aviation, Stelia Aerospace, Spirit AeroSystems and Xi’an Aircraft and many, many more.

The high pressure hydroform technology:

The technology provide an excellent manufacturing solution for airframe sheet metal components. Ideal when large shape varieties are required with small volumes each. Always at high quality and meeting tough tolerance requirements.
✓ High-pressure forming to final part shape.
✓ Reduce manual re-work and streamline your production.
✓ Eliminate process steps, cut manufacturing time and typically increase capacity by 50 to 80%.

Reference Case - Premium AEROTEC

The Flexform Fluid Cell Press at Premium AEROTEC’s plant in Bremen, Germany, had been in operation for more than 30 years when the company decided to upgrade the control system of the press to ensure reliable uptime and access to spare parts. This would also increase productivity and enhance both alarm handling and data logging greatly.

Customer Conversations - ITP Aero

Discover how the Quitnus Flexform Technology™ fits into ITP Aero´s production.

Expert movie - Tube expansion

Eliminate fabrication steps and reduce production cost.

Expert movie - Aircraft seat plate

Improve your productivity and eliminate fabrication steps.

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