8 January, 2023

Master Thesis

Modelling and Simulation Study for Performance Optimization of the Sheet Metal Press


A sheet metal press is used for shaping aluminium, titanium and steel parts or their alloys for various industries such as automotive, aerospace and construction by a well proven, safe and reliable high pressure hydraulic system. Required pressure is determined in accordance with material and process and varies between 800 and 1400 bar. To reach such high pressures, a variable displacement pump and a custom design pressure intensifier are used as primary sources. Hence, generating, delivering and maintaining pressure without instabilities mostly depend on static and dynamic characteristics of these components. Moreover, the hydraulic system design includes auxiliary functions such as cooling, prefilling and decompression. Therefore, an integrated fluid circuit system is developed to meet all requirements of these different functionalities.


Fluid system circuit design is done based on using linear first-degree mathematical formulas. Results of these calculations only represent static behaviour of fluidic components, but they are enough to size all components and let us make rough estimation about dynamic characteristics of the system such as cycle time, pressure and flow fluctuation magnitudes, pressure drops through fluidic components and temperature increment. However, mastering these parameters and further optimize the design is only possible by adding dynamic parameters to the design process. To achieve this, the fluid circuit design may be modelled within a 1D simulation tool with all dynamic and static parameters for each fluidic component.

Task Description

Hydraulic circuit design of the 1000 bar sheet metal forming press shall be created in the simulation environment by means of modelling each component and one integrated functional circuit shall be generated at the same simulation environment. Component parameters can be detailed specifically to enhance simulation results such as:

  • Optimizing cycle time of the sheet metal forming press
  • Optimizing characteristics of the pressure intensifier with a simple control loop
  • Optimizing the size of the accumulator
  • Determining pressure drops in the circuit
  • Determining temperature levels during cycle
Inputs are:
  • Existing fluid circuit design
  • Fluid specifications
  • Acquiring data set from commissioning and different tests

Suitable Background (Education)

  • Master of science program in Mechanics, Physics, Mathematics and Fluid Mechanics or similar.
  • Skilled in fluid dynamics and simulation software, Amesim, Hopsan, etc.

Application Information

The thesis will take place at Quintus’s office in Västerås during spring 2023 and is aimed for one person. The selection will be ongoing so therefore apply as soon as possible. Send your CV together with academic transcripts to contact below. 

Contact person Quintus Technologies

Stina Sjögren, HR Business Partner, stina.sjogren@quintusteam.com